Ticket Info

Only those who have received a complete primary dose of COVID-19 Vaccine as demonstrated by your account in the PeduliLindungi mobile application are eligible to purchase event tickets.
You have to be 12 years or older to attend the event.
If you are a foreign citizen, make sure you have validated your vaccination by going to https://vaksinln.dto.kemkes.go.id/sign/in and then downloading the PeduliLindungi app.
You agree to and are bound by this Event Ticket Policy by purchasing event tickets.

Daily Pass Ticket

This sort of ticket allows you to enter the festival area for one day only (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Tickets for special shows are available separately.

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Special Show Ticket

In addition to your daily pass, you'll need a special show ticket to see a special show. This special show ticket only gives you entrance to the unique show and not to the festival.

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